A Brief List of Research Topics and Current Research at the School of Forestry - University of Canterbury - New Zealand

Areas of Research


  • Augmenting forest growth models with edaphic and environmental variables

Biosecurity/Pest Management

  • Parasitoids for the biological control of insect pests
  • Impacts and management of insect pests of eucalypts

Conservation Biology and Management

  • Understanding¬† the threats to native terrestrial invertebrates
  • Developing evidence based management strategies for threatened native invertebrates
  • Sustaining indigenous biodiversity within production systems including high country sheep farms and plantation forests
  • Restoration of native ecosystems
  • Conservation of threatened plant species

Forest Ecology

  • Stand dynamics in lowland podocarp forests
  • Patterns of host specificity in mistletoes
  • Ecology of mistletoes in beech forests
  • Ecological limits to the sustained yield management of indigenous forests

Forest Harvesting

  • Occupational health and safety in the logging industry
  • The effect of site disturbance from harvesting on soil physical properties and its impact on forest productivity

Forest Management

  • Sustainable forest management from social, economic and ecological perspectives on Maori land
  • Estate simulation and optimisation of harvest scheduling
  • Log allocation and optimisation of processing

Forest Soils

  • Compaction, erosion and sedimentation following harvesting
  • Impacts of harvesting on site productivity
  • N nutrition of Douglas-fir
  • Biosolids and soils

Silviculture of Indigenous Forests (including Tropical Forests)

  • Silviculture of New Zealand beech-podocarp forests
  • Natural regeneration silviculture of humid tropical forests
  • Mangrove forest silviculture

Silviculture of Plantations

  • Decision support systems for plantation establishment
  • Models sensitive to site management
  • Biomass measurement with image analysis
  • Clonal forestry and growth of improved breeds of radiata pine

Wood Science and Technology

  • Wood quality assessment
  • Wood quality improvements by breeding
  • Durable eucalypts
  • Plant cell walls