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David Norton





B.Sc. (Hons)


Forestry 233

Contact Details

Phone: +64 3 364 2116 (Ext 6116)

Postal Address

School of Forestry
College of Engineering
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand

Rural Ecology Research Group (RERG)

Undergraduate Courses

Graduate Courses

Postgraduate Students

  • Christian Roschak (PhD) - Regeneration success in Central North Island mixed podocarp-broadleaved forest – the positive impact of large disturbance.
  • Conny Keye (PhD) - The agony of choice, selection and performance of ecosystem attributes for biodiversity offset models.
  • Anna Rodrigues (PhD) - Ecological thresholds as constraints to the growth and survival of woody tree species in degraded grassland in the South Island's dryland zone.
  • Adam Forbes (PhD) - Secondary forest succession in older plantation Pinus radiata stands: Implications for biodiversity restoration, carbon storage and indigenous timber harvest.
  • Adrian Tulod (PhD) - Restoration of canopy tree species in degraded eastern South Island ecosystems.
  • David Packer (MSc) – Response of native vegetation and wilding forest to the 2015 Flock Hill burn.
  • Zane Lazar (MSc) – Orchids as biological indicators in novel ecosystems.

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • Dr Laura Young – Does native biodiversity provide benefits to farm production?

Research Interests

Integrating biodiversity conservation in agricultural systems, restoration ecology, threatened plant conservation, biodiversity offsetting, conservation management planning, biodiversity assessment and monitoring.

Current research projects

  • Benefits of native biodiversity for economic production in farming systems.
  • Monitoring and ecological patterns in the Cass Mountain Research Area.
  • Biodiversity conservation in high country sheep and beef farms.
  • Understanding factors limiting restoration success in degraded grasslands.
  • Biodiversity offsetting as a tool to enhance native biodiversity values in the face of ongoing economic development.

Selected Recent Publications

Young, L.M., Norton, D.A., Lambert, MT. (2016). One hundred years of vegetation change at Cass, eastern South Island high country. New Zealand      Journal of Ecology 40(3): 289-301.

Norton, D.A., Young, L.M. (2016). Effect of artificial shade and grazing removal on degraded grasslands: Implications of woody restoration for herbaceous vegetation. Ecological Management and Restoration 17(2): 140-146.

Norton, D.A., Young, L.M. (2016). Effects of sheep grazing exclusion on alpine tall tussock grasslands. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 40(1): 179-185.

Forbes AS, Norton DA, Carswell FE 2015. Underplanting degraded exotic Pinus with indigenous conifers assists forest regeneration. Ecological Management and Restoration 16: 41-49.

Norton DA, Young LM 2015. Effects of sheep grazing exclusion on alpine tall tussock grasslands. New Zealand Journal of Ecology: In press.

Norton DA, Warburton B 2015. The potential for biodiversity offsetting to fund effective invasive species control. Conservation Biology 29:5-11

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Norton DA & Overmars FB 2012. Ecological areas – premier protected natural areas. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 36:108-120.

Dickinson Y & Norton DA 2011. Divergent fine-scale patterns in New Zealand’s short tussock grasslands. New Zealand Journal of Ecology 35:76-82.

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