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Associate Professor Luis Apiolaza


Senior Lecturer


For. Eng.


Forestry 133

Contact Details

Phone: +64 3 364 2126 (Ext 6126)

Postal Address

School of Forestry
College of Engineering
University of Canterbury
Private Bag 4800
New Zealand


I am a tree breeder and quantitative geneticist with substantial experience dealing with research in the interface between academia and industry. I have focussed my work on the maximisation of sustainable site productivity through the use of genetical-statistical tools. I am also interested in the general ‘quantitative forestry' area, which involves problems with numbers to improve forest management.

I am the coordinator of the IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organisations) group on breeding theory and progeny testing and frequently collaborate with several colleagues in New Zealand and overseas. I am reviewer for several journals in my research field.

More information on my activities and a full list of publications (with PDF copies) are available in my personal web site .

Undergraduate Courses

Research Interests

  • Geographic patterns of genetic variability for forest trees
  • Development of economic breeding objectives
  • Simulation and optimisation of breeding strategies
  • Large scale genetic evaluation
  • Genetics of wood properties

Representative Publications

Alzamora, R.M. and Apiolaza, L.A. 2010. A hedonic price analysis of radiata pine logs for appearance timber. Forest Science.56(3): 283-291.

Apiolaza, L.A. 2009. Very early selection for solid wood quality: screening for early winners. Annals of Forest Science 66(6): 1.

Warren, E., Smith, G.B., Apiolaza, L.A. and Walker, J.C.F. 2009. Effect of stocking on juvenile wood stiffness for three Eucalyptus species. New Forests 37(3): 241–250.

Whittock, S.P., Dutkowski, G.W., Greaves, B.L. and Apiolaza, L.A. 2007. Integrating revenues from carbon sequestration into economic breeding objectives for Eucalyptus globulus pulpwood production. Annals of Forest Science 64: 239-246.

Sinn, D.L., Apiolaza, L.A. and Moltschaniwskyj, N.A. 2006. Genetic analysis and fitness related consequences of squid personality traits. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 19: 1437-1447.

Apiolaza, L.A., Raymond, C.A. and Yeo, B.J. 2005. Genetic variation of physical and chemical wood properties of Eucalyptus globulus. Silvae Genetica 54: 160-166.

Whittock, S.P., Apiolaza, L.A., Kelly, C.M. and Potts, B.M. 2003. Genetic control of coppice and lignotuber development in Eucalyptus globulus. Australian Journal of Botany 51: 57-67.

Apiolaza, L.A. and Garrick, D.J.  2001.  Breeding objectives for three silvicultural regimes of radiata pine. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 31: 654-662.

Apiolaza, L.A., Gilmour, A.R. and Garrick, D.J.  2000.  Variance modelling of longitudinal height data from a Pinus radiata progeny test.  Canadian Journal of Forest Research 30: 645-654.