Dr Euan G. Mason BSc (Forestry), PhD

Associate Professor

Principal research areas: Silviculture, growth & yield modelling and decision-support.

I'm a Kiwi citizen, born in Invercargill, but raised in Lower Hutt, Geneva (Switzerland) and New Jersey (USA), so don't expect to hear an identifiable accent when you speak with me.  I love science and spend much of my time teaching, modelling, doing experiments, or supervising postgrads.  My hobbies include astronomy, music, computer programming and football (the real kind, with the round ball).  My partner, Carolyn, is a philosopher, and we have four children who best us both in arguments.


Introduction to silviculture - Fore219
Biometrics - Stat224/Fore224
Plantation silviculture - Fore307
Research methodology - Fore610

Recent publications

The beech scheme site

Current research

Hybrid physiological/mensurational modelling
Impacts of genotype and environment on wood quality
Genotype by competition interaction experiment
Clonal forestry experiments
Comparisons of improved and unimproved breeds of radiata pine
Rotation-length effects of site preparation
Juvenile instability of radiata pine
Tree biomass estimation using image analysis
Decision-support systems

Postgraduate students

Stuart Anderson, Masters student, is studying ignition of scrubweeds in New Zealand.  Dr Wendy Anderson is a co-supervisor.

Malte Coulmann, Masters student, is investigating environmental influences on mortality of radiata pine in Canterbury.

Khamsene Ounekham, Masters student, is comparing methods for making taper and volume equations.

Gofred Sialumba, PhD student, is exploring impacts of fertilisation and weed control on wood properties of radiata pine in Canterbury.  Dr Peter Clinton & Dr Mike Watt are co-supervisors.

Matt Waghorn, PhD student, is exploring environmental influences affecting wood quality in radiata pine.  Drs Jonathan Harrington, Miike Watt and David Whitehead are co-supervisors.


Vegetation management tools for Windows - software for decisions associated with control of competing vegetation in forest plantations - Product development funded by three large forestry companies.
CNIIGM - Representation of the Central North Island initial growth model for radiata pine -  Win32 version.
Radiata pine nutritional advisor - Decision-support for nutrition of radiata pine plantations.
CLT - Demonstration of central limit theorem (DOS).
Various javascript versions of growth and yield models
A species choice decision support system written in Javascript
Stand-alone Java software for representing stand-level models - see the development version here.  You'll need the Java runtime engine to run it.
I'm also building a Java version of a 3PG-style initial growth model designed by Dr Fredrik Nordborg, Joe Landsberg and me.
My serious programming is done with PDC Prolog, Javascript and Java.

Phone work: +64-3-364-2584 (local 364-2584)
Fax work: +64-3-364-2124 (local 364-2124)
E-mail: euan.mason@canterbury.ac.nz
Postal address: School of Forestry,
University of Canterbury, Private Bag 4800, Christchurch, New Zealand

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